The 3 Forms of LASIK Marketing

The 3 Forms of LASIK Marketing

You should always be suspicious of complicated things, and even more suspicious of people who make simple things complicated.

Einstein knew he was onto something big when his idea that mass and energy are interchangeable, and constructed the simple formula of: e = mc2

Even a 7th grader can wrap their head around that, with a little help from his/her science teacher.

When you look at today’s digital world, the marketing space has become infinitely more complex and seemingly impossible to keep up with.

Luckily you don’t need to know everything there is to do with marketing your LASIK practice successfully. Instead there are only 3 core areas in where you need to focus!

Yep. You read that right. Only 3!

Things that are tried and true tend to have that sort of simplicity.

Here they are:

– First – The Marketing You Control
– Second – The Marketing You DON’T Control
– Third – The Marketing You Own

Stick with me for a few minutes as I harness the power & simplicity of this.

1. The Marketing You Control

The marketing you control is having the ability to get more ears and eyeballs to be exposed to your message.

This is the traffic that goes to your website, calls your office, checks out your promotional offer, lands on the page you direct them to, or responds to a specific advertisement.

In other words, its PAID marketing.

Paid marketing is the form of marketing you control.


Because you have targeted a specific group of people with your paid advertisements or a specific campaign, to take a specific action. Therefore, it’s marketing that you control.

The next form of marketing is…

2. Marketing You DON’T Control

Marketing you don’t control and Marketing you DO control can be confusing to wrap your head around. Let me explain.

Traffic you DON’T control are activities that require time and effort, but NO money – such as:

– Blog posts
– customer referrals
– social media content
– youtube video
– interviews

The reason you don’t control this marketing is because it is FREE & only requires time.

You can’t control it, but can influence it. I refer to this as windfall.

The final form, and most powerful form of marketing is…

3. Marketing You Own

This is where you get the most amount of leverage and own a long-term and reliable patient generating solution.

Marketing you own consists of:

– Email list & phone numbers of leads or past patients
– Subscribers
– Followers

You can send these people an email whenever you want. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Or simply send a specific message or campaign directed towards them, soliciting a specific action to take.

The key to all of this is you must: (1) BUILD the marketing you OWN, by…(2) Investing TIME & MONEY into traffic you control and don’t control.

The marketing you own is your own private distribution channel without the extra costs. This is why it is extremely critical to have a database of all potential and past patients.

Your ONE and only goal is to OWN all the marketing you can. This is how you most affordably, predictably, and consistently grow your LASIK practice.

How do you get to own all the traffic you can?

By ensuring not to waste the marketing you get or are already doing.

Find ways to get traffic to log their contact information on your webpage. Or have your staff capture people’s information when they respond to a marketing promotion or campaign.

Furthermore, give them an irresistible reason to do so!

Want help developing your a LASIK marketing machine you OWN?

Schedule a Free 1-on-1 Discovery Session.

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