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Michael King

Who is Michael King?

I grew up in a small town in British Columbia called Port Alberni, one in a family of nine. After high school, my brother Joe went to medical school and I left to travel the world.

Just so happens, when I got back from living abroad (in Mexico, Australia, London and Southeast Asia), Joe had completed his training in LASIK surgery. King LASIK was born in 2002. It’s my 12 years of success as Vice President of Marketing and Operations for King LASIK that brings me here today. All that I learned growing King LASIK from one little clinic to a 7-location industry powerhouse is what I’m offering to you.

I’ve personally counseled thousands of patients and been in the OR with even more. I’m also certified to operate on the Alcon EX-500 and Visx Star 4 Laser System. From marketing to operating and more I understand all the intricate details of LASIK practices and their patients.

By truly "getting" LASIK patients, I know how to capture, nurture and convert them better. And since I helped build a LASIK practice from scratch, I know exactly what YOU are going through trying to do it all. It’s tough. I know. I’ve been there.

When you work with me, I’ll be leveraging the experience, education, and relationships I’ve developed over the past 12+ years to bring the same incredible results I produced at King LASIK to your business. Not a replication, because each business is different, but proven methods to increase your number of leads, patients, referrals, reviews, and profits.

We don’t try to work in 10 different industries. We are focused on excelling in one: refractive surgery.

LASIK Marketing Agency delivers digital marketing solutions that give you more patients, less stress, and more time to focus on what you do best … providing an amazing LASIK experience!

Here are some of the big victories I‘ve helped create for my clients:

  • Reduced lead response time from 18 hours to 2 or less – This great first impression sets the tone for a positive relationship going forward.

  • Increased referral revenue - Our automated referral process helped one clinic grow its yearly revenue from $868,000 to $1,040,000 - That’s a 20% increase!

  • Saving time on data entry – King LASIK saves 30 hours EVERY DAY on data entry and follow-up across 7 locations.

  • Reduced operational costs – One client saved $275,000 in operational costs in the first year of using my system.

  • Reduced scheduling time - From 10 minutes to 2

  • Reduced time and errors when communicating with clients – Super-specific email marketing campaigns send out information on pre-ops, post-ops, appointment reminders, and more, as well as nurturing campaigns and automated sales funnels.

  • Online scheduling – Don’t constrict yourself to gaining leads 8-5, Monday to Friday. The world is 24/7, and your lead capture should be, too.

  • 170% increase in positive online reviews – Automatically request and post positive reviews from clients, while negative ones get forwarded to you for relationship 911.

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