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A Full-Scale Marketing Plan

In my 12+ years of experience raking in conversions for elective surgeons like you, I’ve learned that you’ve got to launch a full-scale marketing plan if you want to see real results. One good Google ad campaign isn’t going to cut it.

That’s why we are your one-stop-shop for everything digital marketing. We have years of experience that can help you find the best marketing technique for your business. LASIK Marketing Agency delivers a comprehensive package that leaves no stone unturned without wasting your money or time on features you don’t really need.

Gold LASIK Consulting Package

In the Gold Package, you meet directly with Michael King for 60 minutes every week. Maybe you’re ALMOST there. You like the marketing you’re doing, but you just need some leading edge ideas on how to convert better. Or perhaps you need feedback on how to make a more effective lead magnet or want to be pointed in the right direction on how to do it yourself with Facebook advertising.

More than anything, you simply want to ensure that you are on the right path. Whatever your problem, we want to help you master it. I’ve done it myself for big names all over the continent, and I can help you do it too.

Platinum LASIK Consulting Package

In the Platinum Package, we do it all for you. One cohesive marketing plan to rule them all. In this plan, our founder Michael King works directly with you and your practice and brings in world class digital marketing vendors to make it all happen. The Platinum package offers:

  • Get more qualified patient leads
  • Facebook advertising

    Get social with potential leads and run campaigns proven attract LASIK patients.

  • Google AdWords

    Get in front of people who are looking for EXACTLY what you’re selling with CPC ads.

  • Content Creation

    I’ll make sure your content sends exactly the right message to bring in more patients.

  • Convert more leads into consults & surgeries
  • Email marketing

    Build brand loyalty, warm fuzzy feelings, and profits by being a pen pal with your customers.

  • Marketing automation

    You’re wasting time on processes an automated system could do for you – only better.

  • Consultative Sales Training

    Proven strategies to help your patients overcome their fears and pull the trigger on LASIK.

  • Get more patient referrals and 5-star reviews
  • Referral Marketing

    Your #1 best source for new leads is the patients that already know and love you!

  • Reputation Management

    Everybody gets bad reviews now and then. But they don’t have to haunt you forever.

  • Rebranding

    Give your brand an image facelift to appeal to your next generation of patients.


  • Infusionsoft CRM

    This heavy-hitting CRM handles email marketing, e-commerce, contact management, and more.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Let’s put our heads together to solve your biggest pain points and make your practice better.

  • Practice Management System

    If you want to radically improve your practice, an automated management system is for you!

Custom LASIK Consulting Package

Your business is unlike any other in the world, and it deserves a personal touch. If one of the above packages doesn’t quite fulfill your needs, feel free to call me. Let’s dream up a custom plan that’s just for you! Call now 206-437-0529!


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